21 April 2010

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I expect that some of you are probably familiar with Patrick Farley's work (currently mostly-hosted at http://www.electricsheepcomix.com/main.html, formerly at e-sheep.com). He's a very talented writer and artist who's made some very thought-provoking and moving comics, almost all for free in his 'spare time'. I'd really like him to be able to do more of this.

He's now trying to see whether there's enough interest in his work for him to be able to do this as his full-time gig. More concretely, if there are enough fans that are willing to consistently-enough chuck in a buck every month.

So he's put a proposal up on Kickstarter. If he gets enough people to promise him enough money to carry him for two months, he'll commit to...doing what he does best. And to make sure that he's got broad enough support to keep this going, he's asking for only small donations (I think he capped it at $24/head). Plus, if he doesn't get enough promised support, your donation simply doesn't happen.


This campaign has 10 days to run, i.e., it ends on 1 May.

(As a bonus that I think he's not pushing enough: if we all pay him to make comics, that's one less person designing animated ads. I think that's worth $1 a month all by itself. :) )

I've put in $6.66 as a tribute to Apocamon. I hope he makes it. If you like his work, please consider tossing a buck in the hat.

(Anti-disclaimer ["Claimer"?]: I don't personally know him, although considering he lives in Portland I probably know someone who knows someone who knows him, and I have no personal connection to this project.)


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