7 June 2010

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As a framing exercise: if you are an M.D. who is tasked with keeping torture safe, you have a practical problem. Set aside the ethical problem for a moment. How do you know how to do it?

...in order to do the job the medical monitors were given to do, it left them two choices, both of which were awful:

One, they could just wing it. You're talking about techniques that carry high risks of PTSD, but also high risks of physical injury and death...So I think it's certainly possible that while they weren't eagerly looking forward to setting up research they might have been backed into this by saying, let's take notes.

...Now, whether they considered it research or not is irrelevant. There are some crimes for which you must prove intent. Human subject protections have no such qualifier. Particularly when there's risk for injury to the subject, you've crossed that line.

For those concerned about triggering, the article does not discuss any specific techniques, although it does mention one or two.
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As a political movement, the Tea Party has come a long way in a relatively short time. They've already got one prominent supporter on the national ballot for November 2010 (Rand Paul), and there are probably others that I'm unaware of.

I'm starting to wonder whether it may have peaked too soon, though:


It seems to me that established parties can afford to have public schisms; I'm not sure that insurgent movements can.

(For those who may have come in late: I am not a TP supporter.)


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