30 July 2010

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Due to a combination of circumstances that I could have done a better job of controlling, I once again have let my birthday pass without making a specific (social) occasion of it.

I'm getting, and have gotten, some pretty cool presents, though.

My brother-in-law and his girlfriend got me a signed (!) copy of Sting's memoir broken music. I haven't finished it yet, but it's interesting, and fits firmly in the category of "things that I never would have bought for myself but which I find intriguing". They also surprised me with a cake a couple of weeks ago when my family was in Portland for a visit, which was very cool. (My BIL also deserves continuing kudos for being the friend through which I met Megan.)

[livejournal.com profile] amnesiadust got me signed (!) copies of the first two PhD comics compendia. Which he's apparently had since I was still at UC Irvine (that's Irvine, 'Dusty', not Riverside :) ) but it's still much appreciated.

Megan got me a copy of Symphonicities, a reimagination of some of Sting's music in vocalist-with-orchestral form. It's not entirely musically successful (IMO) but a couple of the pieces are very moving. (Sadly, "Synchronicity" nor "Synchronicity II" are not among those so rendered.) Also a copy of Manna in Heaven, just about the last of Roger Zelazny's works that I didn't already have, and one I've been wanting for some time.

My son Corwin made me a small notebook, with a carrying handle, and a decorated envelope.

The twins (and Corwin) have given me many hugs and spontaneous wishings of "Happy Birthday, Papa!".

I am now sitting in the Seattle airport, about to fly out to my 20th (erk!) high school reunion and subsequently to see [livejournal.com profile] fdmts and [livejournal.com profile] fenicedautun in Boston. (Also, hopefully, to meet someone with whom I've been working on JUNG for about 5-6 years, yet never met.) This also counts as a present from Megan because she's 8.5 months pregnant and is taking care of the kids solo this weekend and Monday.

My friends rock.
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Alaska Airlines, at least on this flight, is now offering free wifi.

I find it amusing that my emotional reaction, despite what I might have expected it to be, is one of "oh, there's that inconvenience taken care of--now where's my power plug?"

We so easily grow accustomed to the current state of affairs, and yet always aspire to more.


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