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Megan and I have been a tad busy lately. Part of this is the usual round of work-related stuff, part is the kind of busy that one expects of people with four small children.

A large part, however, has been the fact that we sold our house in Renton a bit under a month ago and are now living in an apartment in Bellevue. Basically a confluence of factors came to a head: we wanted a larger place that was much closer to work. So, of course, we moved into an apartment that's 2/3 the size of our old house (that is, undeniably, closer to work) while we look for a new house.

And yes, we bought in a seller's market (June 2006) and sold in a buyer's market. It kind of sucks, but on the other hand, (a) prices are still dropping around here so it would have gotten worse, and (b) at least the ridiculously expensive places around here are now only moderately expensive. Overall I think it will be a win, just a really painful one. (And the pain was essentially dictated by buying a house 5 years ago rather than waiting until, say, now. I am attempting to maintain the emotional stance that (a) we were actually renting our house--which (were it true) would make our losses only moderately ridiculous given rents around here, and (b) we are giving the most awesome wedding present to the almost-married-now couple (that we've never met) that just bought our house for $100K less than we paid for it. It helps a bit.)

So, yay for cutting way down on the soul-killing commute. It is now actually practical for me to ride my bike to work (and in fact that's a constraint that we're imposing on the places we're looking for) or to ride the bus (ditto).

More on this later, but I'd already put this notification off for much longer than I should.

Feel free to contact me via email to ask for the new address.
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