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As a coworker said, this sort of explains why open-source developers (and, to a certain extent, Googlers) do what we do...and provides an interesting commentary on incentives, especially in the tech industry.
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Pretty good choice of integrating existing tracks from the original recording and using original material.

The 1080p version looks pretty good full-screen, too, which is a nice change for YouTube videos.

My one regret is spoileriffic. )
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Star Wars Uncut: what happens when someone gets the looney tunes idea to recreate the original movie, shot-for-shot...crowdsourced.

Japanese cafe service as performance art:

Ornithology as performance art...in reverse:

And to finish up, a music video involving Carl Sagan and autotuning...which is much cooler than it sounds:
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in a cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama":


There are other, longer versions of this on YouTube (including
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UuFJoexdlU, which involves someone rocking a
Wagner tuba) but in this one you can actually hear the choir and get
closeups of them.

This would be pretty surreal even without the band's hairdos (if that
is the word) and glasses.

*quietly boggles*
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and has some amusing and cogent things to say about jocks and nerds:

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This one's for you, [livejournal.com profile] fdmts:


I have to say that's one of the most physically impressive gymnastic exhibitions that I've ever seen.

I mean, _daaaaaaaamn_.
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That's not quite how I remember it, but maybe I was paying attention to the wrong things again.

Looking forward to showing this to Corwin. :)
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Definitely worth watching unless you just can't stand listening to Elmo's voice. (Elmo, speaking to someone off-camera: "When did you lose control of this interview? Get it back! Get it back!")
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AKA "your big chance to see The Woz dance the cha-cha, wearing a pink feather boa".

Clearly the man is having a lot of fun out there.
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This guy's casual accuracy appears uncanny. I can only hope that I'm that good at something at his age.
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As a fan (if not a rabid one) of a number of things Joss, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon of people talking about The Latest Internet Phenom, http://www.drhorrible.com.

The singing was pretty good, if not spectacular. It reminded me (in terms of quality and of style) quite a lot of the musical Buffy episode, which is what I expected.

The sets and special effects looked kind of cheesy.

The writing was good, and very Joss.

I was amused by just how much Dr. Horrible's lab coat looks like my fencing jacket (at least around the upper body/shoulders).

Here there be spoilers. )

So, you know, overall...eh. It was OK. If there were new 'episodes', I'd probably watch them to see if Joss could manage to make it good, but I wouldn't place a high priority on it.
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All sorts of places, apparently:


(Yes, I know that at least the first two of these videos have been around for a while. I still bet you won't watch the most recent one, at the very least, without smiling.)
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I found this a couple of years ago and then lost it again; I just ran across it again. It makes me happy, so I'm posting it here so that I can find it again.


Click on the white rectangle a few times. Some of the musical accompaniment works better than others...but there aren't any particularly bad ones. Enjoy.
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lyrics at: http://www.lyricsdownload.com/wicked-defying-gravity-lyrics.html

("Holy mother of all that is sweet and buttery, somebody dropped the Internet on me." :) )

Pretty cool. Still not sure how much interest I have in seeing "Wicked", but if this is representative I might like it better than I liked the book (gasp!).

And note who commented first. (Wow.)
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No, really.

(This was prompted by Bush's recent comment to the effect that he'd given up golf as something he shouldn't be playing while we're at war. Yes, that's right: his noble sacrifice was giving up golf.

Except that he apparently lied about even doing that.)
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An Amnesty International-produced video produced as a sort of anti-torture propaganda.

Warning: while there is no explicit violence here, there's a lot of evidence of physical pain...which, if Amnesty International is to be believed, is not faked (that is, they actually got someone to hold that position for 6 hours).

I'd already decided that the hypothetical benefits of torture was not worth the cost (to our reputation or to our honor)...but this really drives home the anguish that involved in something as innocuous-sounding as a "stress position".
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The Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDsIFspVzfI
(as the reference I saw said, "the title is a come-on".)

and the follow-up (you can just watch the latter, it is essentially a re-do of the original which has companion videos that explore the issues in much more detail):

How It All Ends: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mF_anaVcCXg

I haven't watched the companion videos yet. One potential hole that I can spot with the reasoning--which he may have covered--is that it's possible that we could take decisive action and _still_ get completely screwed by climate change. It's even possible that taking decisive action could cause things to get worse than they would have otherwise. I personally consider these to be low-probability possibilities...but they should be explicitly acknowledged.

The other possibility that's worth mentioning is that taking action can help us to solve other problems than "just" the consequences of climate change (e.g., unfortunate dependencies on unstable countries). Then again, he did say he was simplifying to the worst case.

Anyway, it's worth at least checking out the first link.


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