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(In reference to a big pile of puzzle pieces that had been scattered all over the floor*; Corwin had been stoutly maintaining that he had nothing to do with it, i.e., Adric and Riley were jointly solely responsible.)

Me: "I'm pretty sure that you were a contributing factor."

Corwin: "I was not! And I almost know what that is."

*And a big thank you to the brilliant people who came up with the idea of marking kids' puzzle pieces' backs with different shapes, so that if puzzles get mixed together it doesn't take forever to unmix them.
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after a hiatus of some months:


I'm trying out Picasa as a new hosting location for the pictures; I'm assuming that eventually I'm going to have to stop using UCI's computers for this. If you have trouble viewing them (or any other feedback about or experience with Picasa), let me know.
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A follow-on to http://jrtom.livejournal.com/263283.html:

(A few days later)

me: "Can you say 'If you ask me a silly question, I'll give you a silly answer?'"

Corwin: "Yogurt with applesauce and porcupine."

"You always say that now. What other silly answers can you come up with?"

"Yogurt with applesauce and a car in it."

"What if you don't have any yogurt and applesauce?"

"Then just a car, then you eat it."

"What if you don't have any yogurt, applesauce, _or_ a car?"

"Then you eat the bowl. That will give you a silly answer."

I think I've been told.
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Scene: Corwin and I in a bathroom in my sister's house, where I'm helping him wash his hands at an overly tall sink. Corwin has just asked me about some minor detail of the arrangements in there (such as why the towels are where they are--in any case, the kind of detail about which I have zero information and can't usefully speculate). This is on the heels of a string of similar questions, and I'm feeling somewhat beleaguered.

me: "Corwin, why are you asking me this question?"

Corwin: "Because you're here."

This caused all present, once it was related to them, to start laughing their asses off. I think that it's the fact that, conceptually, it's where four-year-olds' straight answers, existentialist philosophy, and a certain flavor of humor (simultaneously invoking and denying a deep significance to the answer) collide that my friends are often fond of. (Fortunately for me.)


Scene: unimportant, really, but I think we were in the car at the time.

me: "Hey, Corwin, can you say 'If you ask me a silly question, I'll give you a silly answer?'"

Corwin: "Can you say 'I like to eat cars?'"

[a few days later, the above question repeated]

Corwin: "Applesauce yogurt and porcupine."

I think he's about ready to get introduced to British absurdist humor.
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About a week ago--shortly before New Year's Day, I guess, while Megan and I were visiting my family in Tucson--Corwin spontaneously said "I love you, Papa." for the first time ("spontaneously": without anyone having said anything related in his vicinity).

(I am sadly remiss in telling other micro-stories about the kids, like the twins' recent-ish bibliomania, but I had to get this one down.)
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In this case, TEN MONTHS' WORTH. So we're practically caught up to present-day again.

Hope y'all enjoy them. :)

Warning: the twins are not getting any less cute. Those susceptible to such things should get their Joo Janta Peril-Sensitive sunglasses on prior to viewing.
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We've filled the gap before the twins' arrival, so we're now caught up through August 2007. Go us.


Oh, and there's another 'caption contest' in there somewhere. Heck, this time we might even edit the caption if we get some good entries. :)

In mostly unrelated news, Adric pulled himself up to standing today (he's been crawling for a couple of weeks), and Riley started crawling in earnest today (forwards, that is). [INSERT DEITY HERE] help us all.
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More Corwin stuff, this time, from early 2007 (yes, I know...):

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So, you remember those kids I have? The ones that I used to post pictures of with wisecracking captions?

Well, we didn't really stop taking pictures. But we did stop posting them for a while (most recently for a hard drive failure, but less recently I'm going to have to go with sheer lack of copons).

So anyway, while we're nowhere near completely caught up, I've just added on five months' worth. Only eight or so to go. And still with the smartass captions, because I know that's what brings people back. :)

They are posted here:

http://www.ics.uci.edu/~jmadden/corwin/ (pictures of Corwin et al.)

and here:

http://www.ics.uci.edu/~jmadden/twins/ (nominally pictures of the twins)

As usual, the "uploaded date" is listed in parentheses so you can at least see what got added recently.

Have fun!
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The latest stuff is up at

http://www.ics.uci.edu/~jmadden/twins (main site)

and specifically at

http://www.ics.uci.edu/~jmadden/twins/2007JuneJuly/2007JuneJuly.html (the latest batch).

Corwin pics, twin pictures, gratuitous cat pictures...they're all there. Along with the usual occasionally-snarky captions.
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If bees make you really nervous, best skip this. If it helps, though, no one was injured or even vaguely concerned.

go beehind the cut )

On a Corwin-related note, for the first time Corwin gave me a name when I asked him for the name of one of his toy animals. Apparently his small rubber bath-toy fish is named (edit; I'd misremembered) Thomas; he gave the same name again about an hour later (and again the following morning), so I think this may be a real name.
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As you can see, it's not that we haven't been taking them, just not taking the time to post them since, well, since we moved in May.

So there are now seven--count them, seven--new albums (and one updated album). Go nuts.
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Covering March, April, and May. Weird lighting effects! Aliens! Improbable-looking poses! Funny outfits! Gratuitous! Exclamation! Points!
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So I just went out to the living room to check on a quiet Corwin. (Usually he makes at least a moderate amount of noise; it's when he _stops_ making noise that you have to worry.)

I found that he had (a) turned on the television, (b) pressed "play" on the VCR, and was watching Creature Comforts. (No sound--he hadn't turned the amplifier on--but the multiple nature of our audiovisual system has confused more than one visitor with considerably more sophistication.)

Guess it's time to password-protect my desktop computer. At least. (Granted, I'm not sure that I really believe that a 14-month-old child has figured out what those buttons do. But I don't necessarily disbelieve it, either.)

The question is whether he has good taste in video entertainment, or just couldn't figure out how to change the channel. ;)
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Corwin just walked independently for about three steps at a time, three times in a row.

[INSERT DEITY HERE] help us all, he's gone ambulatory.
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Cuteness, smartass captions, legos, you know the drill.
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Includes a caption contest. (The prize is to see a better caption on one of the pictures than the one we have already. ;> )
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Also some pictures from our trip to the San Diego Zoo, in which I am revealed to be, in fact, short.
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Also an addendum to Halloween, since we had more outfits to put him in. :)

The next series of pictures should look considerably better than many of these; we finally were able to replace our digital camera that crapped out about two months ago. (Short version: don't buy cameras from OfficeMax. If for some reason you do, don't buy their replacement policy: that two month gap was caused by their incompetence and sluggishness, and at the end of it you get a gift card for a shop that you no longer wish to patronize.) The new camera is quite spiffy, though: a Canon PowerShot A620, thanks for asking. (If anyone actually cares why we picked this one, ask.)
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This set was taken mostly with cameras other than our usual digital camera, which had decided that it could only take one picture before deciding that it's out of charge (even when plugged in to wall current!) and auto-shutting down, and has been sent back for a refund. So we have some actual film pictures, including some with my Pentax K1000 (you know it's a good camera when they keep making the same one for 25 years) and Megan's camera, plus still shots from our camcorder, etc. It's an interesting hodgepodge, but I can't wait to replace our digital camera...among other things, I'd forgotten just how fast you can pay for a digital camera by not having to pay to get your film processed. Yiy.

On a related note, I'd like to send a big shout-out--preferably delivered via megaphone from about six inches away from either of their ears--to the ICS Support folks, who in their paranoia have decided that the designated grad student Unix machines should ensure that any time you create a file while logged in through them that its permissions will get munged to be accessible only to you...even if they're being created based on existing Unix files that have completely different permissions. Note that this is (fortunately!) not true of other grad-student-accessible machines on the same file system, so this is both annoying and ineffectual--my favorite kind of security precaution.

Corwin's still cute and the captions still attempting humor, though, so have fun checking 'em out.


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