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(Mostly a placeholder so I'll go back and check it out later. Looks interesting, though.)
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[livejournal.com profile] fdmts, this is for you in particular (because of some stuff you've already been saying and doing), but I think that others on my friendslist ([livejournal.com profile] karjack) will find this of interest.

From the 'about' page: )

(Incidentally, for those who don't recognize the author's name, he used to be one of those running MoveOn.org.)
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The idea of viewing (tongue-in-cheek, at least) Indian-run casinos' mission as one of vengeance is rather piquant. ("Take over our country and herd us into pens, will you?...")
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I don't normally ask for comments on my LJ. Today, I'm asking for them.

Talk to me about why it's important for you to vote--or why it's not.

Talk to me about the specific issues that are important to you.

Talk to me about what you hope the outcome will be--not just in terms of numbers, but what changes you hope that the results will entail.

Also, I will make this pledge: if anyone replies to this with a question something like "why do you think it's important to vote?" I'll try to give an original (and sincere) response each time I'm asked.

Above all else, though, get your ballot turned in. If you don't know how or where, ask me; I'll help you figure it out. You can _always_ (no matter what you are told) get a provisional ballot if all else fails--if you get crap about that, call me.
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For those of you that haven't been following this story, BoingBoing has been posting a series of stories on Sony's recent malfeasance, which basically involved installing security-compromising concealed spyware (two varieties) on your computer when you used it to play one of about 20 CDs that they've recently released, lying about having done so, distributing a "fix" that wasn't, distributing the CD under a completely ridiculous EULA--and failing to apologize even after having been caught repeatedly.

This is, of course, over and above selling a crippled CD in the first place that would only let you play or copy it (a limited number of times) using software found on the disc. (What happens if your backups go south? SOL, it seems.)

The only redeeming part of this story is that someone discovered that apparently Sony's spyware-concealing software can be used to defeat the recently-unearthed World of Warcraft spyware. Oh, the irony...

Anyway, BoingBoing has now posted a summary article (with links to the previous articles) so that you can catch up.

I'm now debating whether I want to go to the trouble of tracking down contact information for Sony so that I can tell them that I'm (this close to) boycotting their products of any sort (including their digital cameras, which I have been seriously considering purchasing). If I do, I'll update this post with a copy of the letter.


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