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I have just discovered that Google, unlike Microsoft, does not have a site license for the Oxford English Dictionary website.

This has occasioned my most significant regret for my decision to join Google.

(That is to say, things are generally going quite well. More on this later, probably.)
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Personally I think that the 'robots.txt' proposal is brilliant.

All joking aside, though, there are some serious questions to be asked here about what's appropriate. (And yes, Microsoft has had a prototype with 2 cities out for several months now; no idea what the current status of that project is.)
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Megan, Corwin, and I are in temporary housing (an apartment) in Kirkland, WA. I've been at Microsoft for the past week (less Memorial Day); while I haven't yet decided whether I want/need a separate professional blog, I don't have the energy to go into how that's been going in detail. Imagine the kind of bureaucratic annoyances that you might expect a globe-straddling company with 70,000 employees to have waiting for its new employees, and at least some of those will be more or less accurate. That said, it's mostly going OK.
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Megan, Corwin, and I came back from our May 2006 whirlwind tour of the Pacific Northwest a week ago. The first week was spent in Portland helping friends get ready for their wedding, and the second was in the Seattle area looking for houses for our impending move to that area.

Even more long-winded than is my usual wont. You've been warned.

Portland )

Seattle )

The house. )

So, yeah. It kind of went like that.
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MapCruncher: a way of allowing users to integrate existing maps as overlays in Virtual Earth. Very cool. A shame it's only possible to create your own mashups in Windows (currently, anyway), but at least you can check out their examples via Firefox. (Like other MS beta applications, it silently fails under Safari.)
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My start date at MS has been set for 1 June. All we know right now about relocating is that we plan to be in Washington for at least a couple of days before I start.

(Packing stuff. Moving. Moving the cats. And Corwin. Finding/inspecting/bidding on/arranging for payment for/dealing with related crap I haven't even realized exists yet/moving into a house. Attending (and being best man at) a friend's wedding in Portland in early May. Disappearing for a week, starting from a week after I start, to my parents' anniversary and Megan's Carleton reunion.

Oh, and trying to actually get some work done, and, oh, I dunno, advancing to candidacy or something.


I'm looking forward to this...but it would be more accurate to say that I'm looking forward to having moved. At least MS is paying for a lot of the costs associated with relocating.)
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In which the nature of my fate, in some particulars at least, is revealed. )


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