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Apparently Netflix now does their customer support out of Portland (well, Hillsboro) because people around there are friendlier. :)
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Megan, Corwin, and I came back from our May 2006 whirlwind tour of the Pacific Northwest a week ago. The first week was spent in Portland helping friends get ready for their wedding, and the second was in the Seattle area looking for houses for our impending move to that area.

Even more long-winded than is my usual wont. You've been warned.

Portland )

Seattle )

The house. )

So, yeah. It kind of went like that.
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Google Transit (beta) allows residents of Portland, OR (for the moment) to do trip planning on public transportation (in this case, Tri-Met). Very nice.
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Two Wired articles on technology and the response to 9/11:

Reinventing 911: describes various technologies that have been developed for handling distributed disaster response. Portland, OR residents take note. Interesting stuff.

Fear, Inc.: describes those cashing in on the post-9/11 panic.
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Three--three!--new albums put up.

Unfortunately for my LJ audience, somehow we missed pointing the camera at [livejournal.com profile] naudiz, [livejournal.com profile] pjack, [livejournal.com profile] miladycarol, and [livejournal.com profile] red_frog while they were present at our final shindig. Dangit. We enjoyed seeing you even if we can't prove that we did, though. :)

EDIT: so far only one person--not even on LJ--has entered the caption contest. What's with you people? :)
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In which I temporarily make this sound more like a journal, or a research blog, than like the "hey, look at this cool and/or wrong thing!" postings that generally characterize this space.

Most readers of this here blog are probably aware that Megan and I recently took the hit show "Corwin!" on its first ever road trip, with several dates in and around Portland and Seattle. We anticipate lots of cute pictures with Faces Not Previously Appearing In This Film.

Portland, part 1 )

interlude: Chicago, KDD 2005, and related academic wuggae )

Portland, part 2 )

As a final note, it appears that Corwin travels well: in the car he generally responds well to singing, and on the airplane he's just fine as long as you're prepared to bounce him up and down about 3 million times. :)


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